Digital Marketing: 10 Tips to Energize Your Email Marketing January 27, 2022, 6:00pm EST January 27, 2022, 7:00pm EST
Online Event

Is Your Company’s Email Marketing MIA (Missing in Action)?

If you are using it but you’re getting poor results, it isn’t broken.
But it can be better. Much better! Easily!
Businesses of all sizes have been using email as part of their marketing efforts for a long time.
So it’s easy to ignore and keep doing what you’ve always been doing — because, it’s just email, right?
But the truth is, there’s more opportunity in this workhorse channel than you might think.
In fact, research shows that email has continued to outperform the newer, flashier marketing channels.
Way better!
Especially during the pandemic.
Email marketing is far different – far better and easier to use – than it was even just a year ago with new tools you need to know about.
Learn how you can use email to drive up your eCommerce results as we head into this holiday season… and beyond.
The fact is that 99% of U.S. adults check their email every day.
So you need to get in their inbox and claim your fair share of sales.
Attend this session to learn how the best of the best succeed with today’s email marketing.
You’ll increase engagement, loyalty, and sales!
Presented by Ken Countess, an internationally recognized email marketing expert and one of the top certified partners of one of the country’s largest email marketing services.

* Learning Objective 1:
Attendees will understand the do's and don'ts of creating an effective email marketing campaign

* Learning Objective 2:
Attendees will learn how to reactivate/target contacts who haven't opened their emails in a long time

* Learning Objective 3:
Attendees will learn how to create powerful subject lines that get their emails opened

* Learning Objective 4:
Attendees will learn how to create a powerful call-to-action

Presenter Bio: Ken Countess is managing director of The Countess Group, a strategic marketing and communications consultancy now in its 20th year.
An award‐winning marketer, public speaker, trainer, presenter, podcaster and internationally recognized, accredited expert on Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation, and other marketing topics.
Ken energizes audiences by providing them with the knowledge they need to gain an unfair advantage over their competition.
Ken’s seminars and webinars are filled with people seeking timely, actionable, easy‐to‐implement information about today’s digital marketing tools (including email marketing and social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) to grow their business or non‐profit.
He is highly sought after, as his engaging presentations have earned him the respect of loyal followers all over the world.
Ken is an Email and Social Media Marketing Expert, certified by Constant Contact, the leading email marketing company in the country. Recognized as the company’s Top Trainer, he is one of the only winners ‐ ever ‐ of Constant Contact's Leadership Award, Ken has been one of the company’s top producing independent resellers year after year.
He is a certified partner of Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, a leader in Customer/Client Relationship Management software and is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network.
Ken has held executive management positions at several Fortune 100 companies, including Motorola, Marriott and Caremark (now CVS). He provided award‐winning leadership for the fastest growing divisions of these industry leaders.
Ken holds an M.B.A. in Marketing from Florida Atlantic University and a B.A. in Business Economics from the State University of New York.

Digital Marketing: 10 Tips to Energize Your Email Marketing