Grow Your Business with Email & Social Media April 11, 2013, 1:00pm EDT April 11, 2013, 1:00pm EDT
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Many small businesses and organizations find themselves seeking the right strategies, tools and tactics to make their marketing efforts as effective as possible.  But between Facebook and Twitter, email and mobile, deals, and whatever new social network is rolling out that month—there’s a lot to keep up with. And there are only so many hours in each day.  The number of possibilities can feel overwhelming.

This webinar will help make sense of the noise.  We’ll show you how to:
  • Make the most of combining email and social media
  • Get your messages opened and read, shared and socially visible 
  • Use simple tools to engage with your existing customers, prospect, and supporters  
Throughout the session, you’ll get some great ideas that will make your marketing efforts a success. 


About the Presenter(s)

Ron Cates headshot

Ron has developed a broad range of solutions for marketing professionals, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations; helping strengthen their customer and donor relationships.

Digital Marketing Expert & Speaker
Grow Your Business with Email & Social Media