The Judging Process

The SCORE Miami Business & Leadership Awards provides a platform to recognize and celebrate the successful businesses and professional individuals we have across South Florida. 

SCORE MBL Awards serves three purposes for the Miami business community:
• It provides examples for the business community to aspire to
• It celebrates and endorses individual and organizational success
• It provides opportunities for networking with and learning from these exceptional organizations

The SCORE MBL Awards Selection Committee of business professionals and entrepreneurs make up the judging panel. Our judging panel will evaluate each short-listed nomination against the judging criteria in order to select the final winner.  

Nominations and selection process:
• We solicit nominations from our SCORE counselors and select business and community leaders
• All nominees are screened and evaluated by the SCORE MBL Awards staff to ensure they meet the basic eligibility requirements
• A contact person from each nominated company receives a brief award questionnaire
• The questionnaire is easy to fill out and focuses on gathering information specifically in regard to the measuring of the company against the award criteria
• Only companies that return the questionnaire are considered for an award
• Submissions are reviewed for eligibility and completeness based upon conformance to the award criteria
• The Selection Committee reviews the award questionnaires received and judges them against the criteria outlined in each of the award category descriptions and the nominee’s accomplishments, innovative approach and community leadership to decide on the award winners.


To become a 2016 SCORE MBL Awards partner or volunteer please email Alvin Hayes or Orlando Espinosa


By joining us and supporting this fundraising event, you will help support SCORE and small businesses in Miami. 

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