A Board of Advisors for Small Business Owners.

Small business owners often need outside help to solve specific problems or identify opportunities. However, finding this help can be time consuming and expensive.

Larger corporations benefit from board of directors; resources that may not be available to a small business owner. With that in mind, we created the Board of Advisors Program. Now, established small business owners can benefit from executive level, outside and unbiased expertise from successful business professionals.

We draw upon a large pool of experienced mentors with a variety of strengths from finance to distribution and sales/marketing. We staff your Board of Advisors to meet your company’s specific needs.

Our Board of Advisors team members work small business owners to:

• Solve Specific Problems
• Identify New Opportunities
• Identify Key Performance Indicators
• Review Progress and Plans
• Recommend Contacts and Facilitators
• Identify Issues Unique to Your Business

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“Working with the SCORE team as our Board of Advisors has been a tremendous opportunity for us to focus on growing our business. The team has extensive business experience in key areas such as finance, human resources, business strategy and sales. We small business owners often run in a vacuum, without a solid sounding board or advice from experts. Being able to tap into the quality of advice and expertise from our advisors – who have "been there" and "done that" – has provided us with priceless guidance, advice and accountability to help us set goals and reach our potential.”   

     —Otmara Diaz-Cooper, CEO, President, Diaz-Cooper Advertising


Interested in Your Own Board of Advisors?
Contact: marketing@scoremiami.org