How SCORE helped. 

Sneakky, as the company is more affectionately known, birthed a new era of sneaker care through the provision of a sneaker laundry service to the South Florida market. Just as you would do your dry cleaning, this new business will collect your used and dirty sneakers from your home, treat, clean, and refresh, then deliver them back to your home in as little as 48 hours. Sneakky Klean was founded in 2019 by Devonn Vidal. Being the first business of its kind in Miami, the company was met with skepticism. This did not sway or blunder Dev’s optimism and ambition to grow this small niche into an industry of its own.

Sneakky Klean employee delivering order outside of company van

Additionally, from the company’s inception, a friend referred Mr. Vidal to SCORE where he was introduced to Mr. Roger Arsham as his mentor.
“Roger and the team at SCORE have been an invaluable resource to Sneakky Klean and myself. Having a mentor who has had so much experience has been a great asset for our growth and expansion. SCORE provides monthly training and educational sessions which are helpful and perfect for any small business regardless of what stage your business is at. Roger’s recommendations have helped us navigate to the right channels and resources we needed to get to the next level.”

Congrats Roger Arsham for the excellent work. We also thank our partner sponsor MBF for once again providing the financing for the Sneakky expansion!

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